Monday, 26 November 2012

What will I need for Double Jaw/Orthognathic Surgery?

Running up to the operation I made sure I had a few supplies in. But to be honest, nothing could have prepared me for what was coming. I had purchased a blender, liquidiser, straws, soups, nesquik, complan, some ice-cream and sorbet. I had googled this operation but did not find any real information about what I would need after orthognathic surgery. That is why I have created a list detailing exactly what I needed after surgery. Check it out and I hope you find this useful…..

List of Essentials after Surgery
Things you may need at home after having orthognathic/ double jaw surgery

A blender, liquidiser and/or a juicer

Small baby spoons

Plastic cups or a baby beaker…. whichever you prefer


Straws (may be difficult in the first few weeks and may cause too much pressure on your top palette but some people prefer to use a straw)

A sieve to remove lumps from your food

A small mirror to guide your spoon into your mouth when eating

A large plastic bowl. Used for spitting into or for catching drips from your mouth whilst using a syringe

A bib or towel to wrap around you when you are trying to eat or take your liquid medication

Around 4 to 5 pillows to make sure your head is elevated to reduce pressure and swelling on your face whilst sleeping and resting

V-Shaped pillow to support your back whilst sitting and sleeping sitting up

Heat pack or hot water bottle (can be used with your surgeon’s permission a few weeks after surgery)

Ice pack or packs of peas wrapped in pillow cases for either side of your face. This will help soothe the pain and reduces the swelling dramatically

Loose clothing that is easy to get over your head or clothes that can be buttoned up such as shirts

Hat and scarf when you go outside as the wind and cold will feel odd on your face

Hair ties and hair bands to keep your hair out of your face... it can feel quite strange after surgery

Bath pillow to support your neck when bathing

Cotton pads and/or facial wipes to clean your face

E45 moisturiser as your face may be very dry after surgery

Vaseline for your lips

Cotton buds to clean your ears and nose from dried blood and/or iodine left from the surgery

Tissue box for times when you have nasal deposits, bleeding or dribbling

Baby soft tooth brush. You will find your average tooth brush to be too big to get into your mouth

Sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Corsodyl mouth wash to rinse and gargle (can be used in your syringe and is really refreshing if you get the minty version). This product is also good for keeping your mouth and wounds clean.

Salt for salt water rinses to promote healing and cleaning

Bonjela for sores or ulcers inside your mouth (check with your surgeon first)

Surgical scissors or band remover to help remove and replace your elastics. Ask your surgeon or orthodontist

Liquid medication such as pain relief

Liquid or effervescent vitamins

Califig or lactose to help you stay regulated after this dramatic diet change

Entertainment: books, magazines, games, DVD’s, hand held games, your mobile, crosswords and puzzles

Pen and paper in case you are unable to speak or you are having a bad pain day and need to rest your jaw

A diary for daily progress, thoughts and feelings. This is helpful for when your surgeon asks specific questions about your progress

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