Monday, 26 November 2012

The Day before Orthognathic Surgery: The Last Supper

The day before surgery arrived and I was asking all my friends if they were not able to eat again, what would be their last supper? Most people came back with a whole bucket of KFC chicken. Others said; curry, cakes, fish and chips, McDonalds and Steak etc. I decided for my last day I would start off with a homemade egg, cheese and bacon muffin and lunch would consist of a cheese roll. For dinner I would have Sri Lankan Kottu Roti (takeaway) and desert would be scones with clotted cream and jam. Heaven. Well unfortunately, it did not all go to plan. They tell you to not eat or drink from 12 o’clock the night before surgery. My boyfriend decided he wanted to watch the football before going to get the food in East London.  That in turn, meant 12 o’clock struck and I was shovelling the food down my throat and not enjoying a bite of it. I felt sick because I had rushed and did not even get my scones after all. Never mind I thought at least he was nice enough to go a buy me food. 

I did not manage to take pictures of my own last supper but these images will give you an idea :)

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