Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Products / My Mission

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Over the past few months I've been battling with friends and family who tell me about under selling myself and my products. I have always had a problem with money and accepting money and I constantly battle between the need to survive and the want to support and help as many people as I can.  

On many occasions I got myself into such a state about taking money from people for my services. I cried on the phone to my friends for hours and tried to justify my lack of action. I was reading new age books and psychology papers, trying to understand what this mental block is. In an ideal world I wouldn't charge for anything and I would willingly give my all to help people who need me. Here is where my friend stepped in and said.... Surely it would be better to give people your all and pursue a career you love, than to go and get an office job and leave all these people to work it out for themselves. After all isn’t it all about the quid pro quo in any job we undertake? Even the voluntary ones?

I've been through a lot in my life and I know some amazingly strong people who have been through worse traumas than me. I have lost my brother, I have lost people close to me, and I’ve had countless illness / accidents, strings of bad luck and been hurt countless times. No matter what, I have always picked myself up (with the help of my amazing mother) and carried on. Despite the first class BA Hons degree, despite the countless attempts at career paths and numerous jobs, I still end up back here, communicating with people, mentoring, life couching and writing. 

My friends always come to me when they have a problem and I always know of things they can try to help them. My friend’s sister is very ill with cancer at the moment and during my extensive research into pain conditions, fatigue and illness I have gathered a wealth of knowledge on cancer curing techniques. It's often easier to help and heal others and not ourselves. My friend Peter calls me an AFE. At first I was coming up with ideas like “absolutely freckin excellent” and “a friend everyday”. Obviously these are lame ideas and the answer was; I am and have an “Answer For Everything!” Brilliant and not too sarcastic haha! I'm glad I can help people and share my experiences. It would be a shame if they all went to waste. 

Moving back to Jaw & Face... I couldn't get around to writing a hard hitting catchy sales pitch to promote my eBooks, so I didn't. I asked my friend to write me a snazzy sales page and set the price and the exclusivity. Yes I sold packs over the past few months, yes I sold books but still something did not feel right. It was not me selling the books, it was my friend. The page was his creation, not mine. He wanted to sell the books for £100 because that is what they are worth. I couldn't allow that so we agreed on £50 for the whole ePack. I think in this current economic climate for many people this is unrealistic. There are enough people being ripped off by so called health care providers and healers without me withholding vital information (regardless of its worth). Yes the information is worth more than $79.99, but I am depriving many of a resource that they need. 

I want to lower the price. I feel there are too many people missing out on this valuable information. Yes in an ideal world I would give this away for free but it's not viable when I have to pay to keep my sites open and running. I also want to expand my life couching and mentoring services. I want to share my knowledge and experience, but to do this I must stay with the flow of give and take in the universe and bite the bullet. 

I know my product is unique, I know this is the best resource for people who are about to have surgery and I know how much it has helped others. I wish I would have known what I know now because my recovery would have been so much less traumatic and lengthy. I also know how the money raised has enabled me to keep the blog and mentoring running and has also helped charities such as the brain and spine foundation and the pain society. I have enjoyed helping and mentoring people and answering questions and concerns patients have. It is amazing how many people from all over the world have been struggling with these problems alone and it is great that I have had the opportunity to share my experiences and become friends with such amazingly strong and resilient people. 

So with this in mind my last and final proposal is this…… 

For the price of $49.99 (approx. £30.00) I will provide the whole jaw surgery survival ePack.  (Was $129.99 then $79.99 NOW ONLY $49.99 for the ePack) 

What the ePack Includes:

  1. “What They Don’t Tell You About Orthognathic Surgery!” The most valuable book you will ever need in your jaw surgery journey from the perspective of a double jaw surgery survivor!
  2. Patient’s Liquid Diet Recipe Book – 42 of my favourite recovery recipes
  3. 10 Myths About Braces – put your mind at ease with this great little booklet that dispels all the worries you have about braces.
  4. Patient’s Guide to Retainers – this booklet lists with pictures, all of the different types of retainers out there and shows you how to maintain them through proper care and cleaning.
  5. Patients Guide to Facial Pain Diagnosis – be prepared and understand what type of facial pain you are experiencing.
  6. Patient’s Guide to Acupuncture – a detailed review of one natural way to combat pain and swelling post-surgery.
  7. Patient’s Guide to Cupping – a cool like booklet listing the benefits and drawbacks of using cupping as a natural pain therapy.
  8. PLUS BRAND NEW to Jaw & Face – Patient’s Guide to Swelling, my ultimate guide to decreasing swelling fast!

This ePack Also Includes:

  • How to cope with braces help sheet
  • A list of simple soft food diet ideas
  • Detailed Pre-op questions to ask your surgeon
  • A list of essentials for after your surgery
  • Your Hospital Check List – For The Big Day!
  • Access to my online community, which includes world renowned surgeons and other jaw surgery patients, just like you and I
  • FREE subscription to Jaw & Face newsletters, promotions and research projects
  • As a valued customer I will also continue to update and forward on to you all new editions of these ebooklets when they come to market.

If you do not require the full pack, you can purchase the exclusive "What They Don't Tell You About Orthognathic Surgery" eBook with FREE patients guide to retainers booklet separate for the new low price of $29.99 (approx. £18).

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If you are interested in the life couching or mentoring sessions please feel free to email me At the moment I am only offering a limited number of slots as I am still operating my PA services. Visit my Facebook page and Twitter for news and availability.

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I look forward speaking with you all. Have a great day and stay jaw-geous ! Xx

P.S Thank you to everybody near and far who wished me a Happy Birthday. I had a lovely time catching up with family and friends. Here are a couple of selfies from my celebrations :)

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