Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Titanium Plates and Screws (continued)

PLATE REMOVAL (continued pt2)

The next thing I knew I was in the recovery suite being monitored and had an oxygen mask on my face. I was in a lot of pain and I could feel my face was numb. My top palette hurt the most. I kept lightly touching my face to see if there was any external scarring. The recovery nurse checked on me and gave me morphine to help with the pain levels. I remained on oxygen for a while until my sats leveled out and I asked for my asthma pump as my chest was tight. With my last surgery my peek flow decreased a lot and I had trouble breathing properly for a long time. However, his time was not as bad. I was in theatre for 2.5 hours and in recovery for 2.5 hours in total before being taken up to the ward.

Once I arrived back on the ward, I was dosed up on morphine and I finished my antibiotic drips. The girl who I was sharing a room with had gone down after me and had come up before me, following her ankle operation. I then had 15 minute observations for the first 2 hours and I had the electronic leg compressors to stop blood clots. The girl next to me did not have these and was not monitored as frequently as I was. I was really thirsty and I despite the numb face and lips I was able to drink out of a plastic cup. As I was not banded shut with this operation it was a lot easier to speak. But it was painful.  I asked mum if I had any external stitches or wounds but thankfully I did not. I was in a lot pain, numb all over my face and mouth and I was a little bruised. However, I had minimal swelling and the pain was nowhere near as bad as the original surgery. The high dose of morphine did control the pain well and I managed to have an hours sleep. Again something that was impossible with the last operation. At around 4pm the registrar came up from theatre and checked me over. He explained that everything had gone to plan and that all the plates and screws had been removed. What a relief! He then explained that if I was ok to go home without the need of morphine, he was happy to discharge me later that evening. He issued a prescription to the pharmacy for codeine. As I am allergic to Diclofenac I was not prescribed any anti-inflammatories. I had to walk to the toilet and pass urine before the hospital would let me go home. I was able to do this and was discharged around 7pm that evening. When I got home I had a drink and some more pills and tried to get myself comfortable in bed with my ice packs.

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