Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hospital Check List (Things to remember)

Hospital Check List
Going into hospital for an operation can be a very daunting experience. Fear and worry can make us forget the most simple but necessary things and I personally would have been grateful for a last minute check list of items I may have needed for my stay.
For this reason I have devised this easy tick chart in order to assist anybody who may have to stay overnight in hospital.
Things to remember

Make a note of any last minute questions you may have regarding your stay or your surgery

Mobile phone, charger or money for a pay phone (your lifeline to the outside world)

Money for drinks and food from the ward trolley

Money for TV cards or phone top ups (if available )

Nightwear: something with easy access for IV drips and that is comfortable to sleep and rest in

Slippers (hospital floors can be cold and dirty)

Underwear (for dignity)

A dressing gown (for the middle of the night toilet trips)

Bathing essentials (towels and flannels)

Shower gel, shampoo and conditioner (if required)

Hair brush or comb (if required)

Hair ties if you have long hair (these can be useful when you are unable to wash your hair)

Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash

Tissues, baby wipes and facial wipes (for a quick freshen up when you are unable to get out of bed)

Flip flops (they are non-slip and they keep your feet free from other peoples germs)

Antibacterial wipes to clean your own table tops, cupboards and toilet seat (vital with NHS cleaners or should I say lack of them)

Bottle of water to drink

IPod, games console and chargers, crosswords, magazines, papers, books, pen (these help to relieve boredom, help to divert your attention from any pain and can aid sleep)

Reading glasses (if required)

Any medication you take regularly  (e.g inhalers, antihistamines as these will not be provided during your hospital stay)

Spare clothing, jacket or jumpers in case you venture outside the ward

Last but not least a pillow, teddy, blanket, lucky charm or anything that may bring you comfort whilst being away from home

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