Thursday, 29 November 2012

Looking in the Mirror after Jaw Surgery

I had asked my mum from the moment I came up from theatre to take pictures with my phone. As I became more swollen, bruised and active I asked her to take pictures for me to see how I looked. I was a little alarmed when I saw myself. But it did not really hit me until I got up to go to the toilet for the first time and saw myself in the mirror. I felt so crappy. Standing up after 24 hours lying down was pretty weird. As I stood up, I felt the blood rush around my body, I felt flushed and I felt sick. I stood up slowly with the help of the nurse and I swayed into the toilet. I felt like a monster. My face looked like a rugby ball and my right side was more swollen than my left. I could feel my face was more central even though it was hard to see through the swelling. My neck was very puffy and was sore like I had been in a car accident. I had a couple of bruises around my lower plate sites but nothing too extreme. I was lucky I did not have any nose bleeds until a couple of weeks after surgery. But instead I had dried blood around my nose area. Because of the pressure it puts on your upper jaw you are not allowed to blow your nose or tamper with it much. I just wiped my nose whenever a little blood or liquid came out of it. Additional, to the suspected post operation scars, swelling and brushing, I had a really sore dot on the top ridge of my nose and the nose was very sore. A blood clot had formed around the dot on my nose and was quite uncomfortable. Apparently, this dot was where they placed the pin in my face to line up all my jaws and it would eventually disappear. My dot in between my eyes has not disappeared but it now looks like a dent in my nose. Most people do not notice it once I have make up on my face but it really annoys me as I was not expecting it to be there.

By around 7 o’clock on day 2, I was being taken down for an x-ray to make sure the operation had gone correctly from the inside. I was in a lot of pain around my face. But my shoulders and back were also hurting. I remember sitting on the hard chairs outside x-ray and wanting nothing more than to be back on the ward sitting in the bed. My head was like a lead weight on my neck and I was struggling to support myself. My auntie Jill was coming to visit me tonight and mum went to find her and direct her to where we were. I walked into x-ray dreading what they were going to ask me to do. All the other x-rays I have had, I had to bite on something or rest my chin on something. I knew I would defiantly not be able to do that in my state. I was just about managing to hold myself up. A lovely lady asked me to come into the x-ray room and placed the usual ear pieces loosely into my ears. She did not ask me to rest my chin onto the plastic shelf or to bite on anything this time. The first x-ray was taken and then the second required me to stand sideways near a board on the wall whilst the image was taken. I then waited for the porter to take me back up to the ward. If everything was ok with the x-ray then I would be allowed to go home the following day. 

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