Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 2 after Orthognathic Operation Continued…….

That night my mum was told she would not be able to stay with me and had to go home. But first she helped me to have a nice shower. I was lucky to have my own room with an en suite shower and toilet. So I did not have to see anyone or talk to anyone. I got undressed out of the hospital gown and the hospital underwear and mum helped me wash. I was a little scared of falling and hurting my face and was also scared of getting my line wet. One of the lines was broken and had been taken out earlier that day, but I still had my line in for IV antibiotics. After the shower mum helped to dry me whilst I sat on top of the toilet seat and put me into my button up nightie. It felt lovely to be fresh and clean again. I was just hoping and wishing that the pain would have eased off a bit by now. It was relentless and the liquid medication was not helping at all. When the surgeons came around that night to check me over, I told them about the pain and the surgeon agreed for my last night I could have two more Paracetamol drips, as they are faster acting and get straight into your blood. Mum set up a table so I could reach all of my things and gave me some water and a lovely mouthwash rinse before she left with my boyfriend. The TV I had in my room was broken so did not have any sound and my phone was too heavy to hold for long periods. My shoulders, neck and face were so painful I could not concentrate on reading or playing my Nintendo DS. So instead I lay alone watching a silent TV screen.

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